Frog Hollow Farms
, VT

Produce including but not limited to greens, root vegetables, squash, tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, etc. Baked Bread, Specialty foods such as pickles, jams, jellies, sauces.

Frog Hollow Farms is a small farm in Hubbardton, VT that focuses on growing heirloom produce, creating specialty gourmet foods, handmade crafts and bath & body products. All of our items are eco-friendly, organic, and sustainably produced. What we can’t source from our farm directly, we source as locally as possible. We sell specialty foods made on our farm such as vinegars, craft items, and also fresh produce once it is ready on the farm.

Frog Hollow Farms specializes in growing heirloom vegetables the way nature intended, without chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. We are passionate about providing food for our community that is healthy, nutrient dense, and delicious. Our farm is intensively planted, ecologically driven and minimally tilled to create a living soil that is rich in organic matter. All of our animals are humanely raised, without unnecessary antibiotics or vaccines, and are left to freely graze throughout the pastures. Our chefs make delicious specialty foods and fresh baked breads with ingredients sourced directly from our farm, other local area farms, and small batch artisan makers throughout the country. We believe that to build a strong community economy, we must support each other and small business.