Mad River Distillery

Mimi Buttenheim

Whiskey: no coloring or sugars added, 100% grains
Bourbon Whiskey (Straight Bourbon, Burnt Rock Bourbon, Double Barrel Bourbon)
Rye Whiskey (Revolution Rye Whiskey, Silver Oak Rye Whiskey)
Rum: no sweeteners or colors added, 100% demerara sugar, no molasses
Unaged Rum (Rum 44, Vanilla Rum)
Aged Rum (First Run Rum, Maple Cask Rum, PX Rum)
Brandy: 100% Apples
Mad Apple Brandy
Old Fashioneds: Our whiskey and rum combined with cane sugar and bitters
Bourbon Old Fashioned, Rye Old Fashioned, Maple Cask Mad Fashioned, Maple Fig Madhattan
Gift Packs:
Whiskey Gift Pack, Old Fashioned Gift Pack