Rebecca’s Kitchen

Rebecca Worthing

Danish, cream cheese braids, pasteries, cookies, pies, and breads

Pastries made from scratch including my puffed pastry. The pastries are made fresh the morning of the show. They include; Almond bear claws, Chocolate Croissants, Danish (Cherry, Apple, Raspberry, and Apple Walnut Raisin all come with or without sweetened Cream Cheese Topping). I also make a Cinnamon Raisin Swirl bread. Which is stuffed with raisins and has a streusel topping! Cream Cheese Braids that come in the following flavors, Apple, Raspberry, Apple Walnut Raisin, and Cherry. Dipped Sandwich cookies, which are made with two shortbread cookies a vanilla buttercream filling and dipped in a specialty dark chocolate then rolled in chopped walnuts. I also make Italian bread and large chocolate chip cookies.