Rosewood Gardens


Sweet and savory crepes; honey and beeswax candles; cakes, cookies, cannoli, and pastries; herbs and
houseplants; wreaths, kissing balls, garlands, and centerpieces; chaga powder; balsam pillows and
incense; botanical art and wildlife photography.
Rosewood Gardens offers sweet and savory crepes made fresh with a variety of tasty fillings. Year-
round, we bake traditional European-style cakes, cookies, and pastries using locally sourced high-quality
ingredients. Our raw honey is produced by our own hives on our small homestead in Fair Haven,
Vermont. We also grow a wide variety of herbs as well as houseplants and dish gardens. In fall and
winter, we make harvest wreaths, balsam wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces the old-fashioned way,
with care by hand. Come see our growing gallery of crafted items, botanical art, and wildlife
photography. Rosewood is a certified wildlife habitat.