The Quilted Jardin

Martha Beauchamp

Quilted art and fabric pictures.

My business is woven from the generations of my family. The threads of my skill and love of sewing reach back to my mother and beyond to my grandmother, a seamstress in the early 1900’s. Having sewn costumes and quilts for years, I found myself searching for something new and discovered the amazing world of art quilts in 2005 after attending a class at the Vermont Quilt Festival. Inspired by my daughter’s photographs of the Northern Cascades Mountains, I began transforming fabric into artistic pieces and in 2006, the Quilted Jardin was established.

My journey as a fabric artist has gone from landscapes to houses and then to animals and pets. Each new venture came about by a customer asking “Do you do pictures of…?” followed by my response “Not yet.”

In my professional life I have worked with youth, children in foster care, and HIV-positive individuals and their families. Having lived in the “boonies” in upstate New York for 37 years, in one fell swoop I sold my house, moved to Vermont, and retired early.  My journey’s path now involves, fabric, family, and farm. While I continue to create landscapes in fabric, my artistic focus has shifted to what brings the most creative joy: animal portraits and memorial pieces.