Vendor Rules

These rules apply to all weekly markets. Your acceptance of a market space indicates that you have read them, that you will ask if there is anything you don’t understand, and that you will abide by them.

Who can be a vendor & how do you become one?

If you are actively involved in the growing, raising, picking, baking or making of quality goods for market sale, you can become a vendor. First, you must become a Member of the Market by registering and paying the annual dues if you have not already paid your membership through the VFM summer markets or VFM special shows. If you’re a returning vendor you can pay your fee up front. You’ll get notified by mail about your space.

New Market Vendors

You will have to meet with the New Vendor Jury. You will be notified of their decision within ten (10) business days. If accepted, you will then be notified if there is space available for you. If there is no available new vendor space, you will go on the wait list.

What can you sell?

If you and your “family” (may include apprentices, interns and farm workers) grow it, raise it, pick it, bake it or make it in Vermont or within 30 miles of Vermont’s borders, you can sell it at the Market. You must produce at least 80% of what you sell. You can acquire up to 20% of what you sell from another producer within the same area. This includes plugs or plants, unless you’ve put at least 6 weeks of your own labor into them. The farms or businesses you obtain this extra up to 20% of items from for your tables MUST become a member of the market and pay the $40 membership fee.

What can't you do?

You can’t sell low acid canned goods, items made from kits, baked goods made from commercially prepared or frozen dough, or flea market items. You can’t be a jobber or wholesaler. You can’t run your own raffle or sell tickets to anything without the approval of the VFM Board of Directors. You can’t intentionally set or drop your prices to hurt another vendor. The Manager and/or the Board are responsible for keeping adequate guidelines.

What else?

Payments: Full payment is due prior to the start of the market season. All payment plans are at the discretion of the President or Treasurer. Checks and money orders must be made out to The Vermont Farmers Market.

  • You’re expected to have all the proper licenses, certificates and insurance for your products available in your stand all times.
  • If you sell food items, or body care products you should have product liability insurance. You must be in compliance with all local and state health regulations at all times.
  • If your goods are subject to Vermont sales, meals and/or local tax, you are responsible for collecting and reporting those taxes. Vendor lists are made available to state and local agencies.
  • If you are selling food to be eaten on-site or you give out samples, you need to provide a trash can for your customers and take the trash with you at the end of the day.
  • No seating for customers is allowed at food vendor spaces per our agreement with the City Of Rutland.
  • All vendors must take their trash with them after every market. Do not put it in the city trash bins.
  • All vendors must clean their spot after every market. This includes all trash and vegetable scraps.
  • Arrive to the Market and be set up no later than 8:30.
  • Tent weights are required, at least 20 lbs. per leg, no tent stakes are allowed. (One gallon of water is only 8 lbs)
  • Electricity, there is no guarantee that it will work, have a backup plan.
  • Extension cords are not allowed to be run across the aisles.
  • Move your vehicle to the vendor parking area once you are unloaded.
  • The market runs till 2pm, all vendors are expected to stay until the end of the market.
  • Vendors must fill out gross sales reports either online or paper upon the request of the market manager. This record of sales is anonymous and is used for grant applications and marketing strategies.
  • Vendors must call the market manager at least 3 days prior to the market if they will be absent. This allows the manager time schedule a vendor on the waiting list to fill the empty space. Any vendor who no call/no shows must pay the daily fee before being allowed to vend again, even if they have paid for a seasonal spot. The Market Manager has the discretion to suspend any vendor who is consistently absent or does not call.
  • The market runs rain or shine, if you have any doubts call the Market Manager.
  • Seasonal Vendors who drop out of the market will not be given a refund.
  • Vendors who are asked to leave the market will NOT receive a refund on the unused portion of their fee.

Daily Vendors:
The manager will collect your fee prior to setting up. Payment must be made by check or money order made out to the Vermont Farmers Market, No Cash.

All market vendors, except those who have been awarded truck spots, must park in the approved vendor parking area during the market. Your friends and relatives who spend the day visiting you are also expected to park in these areas.

The Saturday market approved parking area is the TD parking lot on Evelyn St or the Parking deck. If you don’t know, ask the manager.

If you see anything going on at your Market that doesn’t seem right, tell Manager or member of the board. If appropriate, they will pass the information to the Market Grievance Committee for investigation and action.

If you do not abide by the rules, you may be barred from vending at the following week’s Market or the remainder of the season.

If you have a difference of opinion with another vendor or the Market Manager you have the right address the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors decision is final.