Momma Marie Doggie Treats

Gwen Humphrey
2103 County Route 23
Middle Granville, NY
(518) 859-5916

Homemade dog treats, dehydrated chews (meat or veggie).

We make dog treats for almost every occasion you can think of. We are the theme treat that brings dogs closer to humans. How can that be? Our humans enjoy picking out shapes for their doggies. They just love it and the doggies just love our treats. Our treats have been tested and are licensed by the proper Agriculture Departments in Vermont and New York States.

How do our treats get made and where?

Our treats are HOME MADE right in my Home. I personally do the baking. This is my little business that is continuously growing (its my full time job). I love what I do and I am told I am very good at it. Dogs just love my treats.