Taliesin Farm, LLC


Vegetables Seeds, 1000-2000 packets/year, 20-30 varieties, state-registered and licensed (VT#210), all packets hand-printed from original linoleum block carvings. Seed is processed, and packaged on-farm.

Seedlings, up to 720 plants of vegetables and herbs set aside for sales. All seed and soil is 100% all-naturally grown. Seedling and vegetable varieties are same as on Seed Packets and Herb List (see below).

Pyrographic Wood Art; 500-1000 ornaments, keychains, clothing accessories (wood-burned animal figurines that cover clothing zippers), of 12-30 different animals (type and design varries by year). See attached image example.

Linoleum Block Printed Art, 500-1000; cards, and prints/year available in stock

Culinary Herbs and Flowers: 120-200; 1/2 to 4 ounce bunches of fresh-cut herbs for each of the following types and/or varieties per season: Cinamon Basil, Lemon Basil, Thai Basil, White Borage, Indian Corriander (leaf and seed), Lovage, Dill (leaf and seed), Japanese Parsley, Moss-Curled Parsley, Caraway, Chervil, Cilantro, Marjoram, Lavendar (may be limited by die-back from 2022 winter cold), Greek Oregano, Vulgare Oregano, Fennel, Watercress, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Peppermint, Spearmint, as well as Nasturtium (7 varieties) and Calendula (3 varieties) flower blossoms (in bunches of 12, for same quantity per season as listed above.

150-200 dozen chicken eggs/year, always free-range with Green Mtn. Non-gmo Feed as needed.

Possibly, 200, 2lbs blocks of scrapple (non-gmo and grass-fed/ranged pigs), exactly derived from 150+ y/o family recipe. Not sure yet about slaughter/processing costs and date, determined in June.