Summer Favorites Return to Market!


One of the great things about living in Vermont is knowing that with every month, new fresh local produce in season will arrive at market. Give or take slight variations due to our notoriously changeable weather, you can mark your calendars and do your meal planning according to what our farmers provide. Summer is a great time to wait and watch for familiar seasonals to reappear. July has already brought summer squash, snap peas, garlic, broccoli, green beans, heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers back to market. And one by one, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries have returned – I am somehow forcing myself to freeze half of what I buy to get me through the berry-less months. By the way, the only thing difficult about freezing berries is not eating them all! If you don’t already, try this the next time you shop, you’ll be grateful come winter! It seems every year I misremember my favorites coming to market earlier (wishful thinking), but when they do finally arrive I am excited as if I never saw or sampled them before. This is the time of year menu planning goes from making the most of a few choice ingredients to being spoiled for choice by an embarrassment of riches.  And don’t forget, our amazing bakers and prepared food vendors also take advantage of what’s in season, so expect to see new items appearing at their booths as well! Soon we’ll be seeing peppers and eggplants and the first corn spilling out of the backs of trucks. And next month, when all your summer favorites have reached their peak and you think there can’t be any more delicious surprises, melons join the party. Because, what’s a summer party without juicy watermelon slices? Happy Summer from all of us at VFM. Enjoy.


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